Dr. Tauber Before and After > Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery with Fat Re-Draping and Facial Implants

This is a 55 year old man with complaints of excess lower eyelid fat
bulging that made him look older than he was. On exam it was pointed out
to him that he actually had a condition called mid-face hypoplasia –
where the bone under his eyes was under-developed. This lack of
projection made his face look hollow, exacerbated the bulging eyelid
fat, and made his eyes bulge. He also had a slight excess of eyelid skin
of his upper and lower eyelids. He underwent upper and lower eyelid
surgery with re-draping of his lower eyelid fat. He also had facial
implants attached to the bone beneath his eyes to lessen his mid-face
hollowing. He had a rapid recovery with only minimal bruising and
swelling. At one month out he is very happy with the improved projection
of his face and the improved contour of his upper and lower eyelids.