Dr. Tauber Before and After > Nasal Reconstruction for Difficulty Breathing

This is a 54 year old man with a history of trauma to his nose and
chronic complaints of breathing difficulty. These complaints were
exacerbated by allergy type symptoms which often completely closed his
airway. He suffered chronic use of nasal decongestants and allergy
medication with only limited relief.Exam demonstrated marked nasal
deformity with gross deformity of the nasal bones, deviation of the
septum, and collapse of the internal and external openings of his nose -
dramatically reducing his airflow. Through an open rhinoplasty approach,
the deviated part of his septum was removed and his nasal bones reduced
to their anatomic position – opening his internal airway. A portion of
his septum was then used to add support to his nasal tip – opening his
external airway. He did very well after surgery with minimal bruising
and swelling. At 6 months, his nose is settling nicely and he is very
happy with the improved airflow.