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This set of abdominoplasty before and after photos features a 40 year old female 5' 0" 140 lbs whose only surgical procedure was a surgical ablation 2 years ago. She has had 3 children via natural birth and they were all very large babies greater than 10lbs each. She did smoke but understood that she would need to refrain from all smoking 6 weeks prior to any procedure. She had a significant laxity both above and below the umbilicus with stretch marks and weakness to the abdominal musculature due to her 3 pregnancies. In order to correct her abdominal laxity she underwent a full abdominoplasty, suctioning of the hips, and plication of the rectus. Postoperatively she did well. Two months postop she is back to all normal activities. Her abdomen is flat and the scars are healing well. She no longer has to deal with the excess tissue when wearing clothes. The results of 3 10lb babies has been corrected.