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This set of abdominoplasty before and after photos features a 57 year old healthy, white female. She is 5 ft 2 in tall and 172 lbs - which is a stable weight for her. Earlier in the year she had an exploratory laparotomy which required a periumbilical incision. The procedure went well but unfortunately left her with a vertical scar extending both above and below the belly button. What bothered her most, though, was the large abdominal pannus (lower belly roll) which did not respond to either diet or exercise. The pannus created an overabundance of loosely hanging skin in lower belly area and an overly round midsection. To correct these issues, a full abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) that included aggressive plycation of the rectus sheath and liposuction of the posterior/lateral hips was performed. The post operative course was unremarkable (complication free) and photos taken 3 months after surgery show a beautiful and well healed result. Her midsection is now firm and flat instead of round and flabby. There is no longer any overhanging, loose or droopy skin in the lower belly nor excess bulk in her flanks (love handles) or hips. Dresses, which used to bulge out in middle over folds or rolls, now taper in at the waist. She feels excellent about her new, more shapely figure and the newfound confidence it brings.