Dr. DeLuca Tummy Tuck Before and After > Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) with Liposuction

This set of abdominoplasty before and after photos features a 47 year old black mother of 5 children (2 by c-section). One c-section utilized a pfannenstiel (bikini) incision; the other a lower abdominal midline incision. This left her with prominent scaring, laxity of the tissues and stretch marks. Patient was very unhappy with her post-pregnancy, round apple shaped body type and was on multiple medications for depression brought on by a negative body image. This was corrected with a full abdominoplasty plication (tightening) of the rectus muscles and aggressive liposuction of the hips. Five months after surgery her abdomen is flat, well healed and her waist line no longer has an apple shape. Her scars are minimal, her umbilicus appears normal and her stretch marks are far less noticeable. She no longer takes antidepressants and “feels like a new person” by enabling her to return to an earlier, more confident self.