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This set of abdominoplasty before and after photos features a healthy 29 year old white female. She has had 2 children via c-section. She is 5' 4" tall and presently 152 lbs but has lost 80 lbs through working out. She does cardio about 2 hours a day. What was a concern to her was her abdomen as well as some fullness in the postlateral medial thigh area. Examination confirmed laxity both above and below the umbillicus and a bit of fullness in the hips and posterior thigh region. In order to correct the results of major weight loss she underwent a full abdominoplasty with liposuction to the hips, medial and posterior thighs with 3700 cc of infiltrate and approximatley 3200 cc removed. Postoperative course was unremarkable and she did quite well. She maintained her compression for 3 weeks and gradually resumed normal activities. Photos were obtained 6 months later. They show a beautifully healed abdomen. It is flat with nice definition of the underlying musculature. Her thighs and hips have also diminished in size. She now is able to enjoy the results of her diligent diet and exercise combined with surgery