Dr. DeLuca Tummy Tuck Before and After > Abdominoplasty with Secondary Liposuction

This is a 37 year old white female who is a personal trainer. She is 5’6” and 140lbs. She has had no previous surgeries. She had two children via natural child birth and lost a significant amount of weight around the age of twenty. She is a non-smoker. What concerned her was her abdomen. She had laxity both above and below the umbilicus and no true fullness to her hips. In order to correct her appearance she would require a full abdominoplasty with rectus plication. She underwent the procedure and her postoperative course was completely unremarkable. She did have a small amount of residual fullness in the lower abdominal area which was treated with a small amount of liposuction under local anesthesia in the office. Photos obtained six months postoperatively show a flat, well defined abdomen which shows off her efforts to stay extremely fit.