Dr. DeLuca Tummy Tuck Before and After > Abdominoplasty Post 3 C-Sections

This is a 32 year old healthy white female. She is 5’3” and 126lbs. She had three c-sections and is a non- smoker. As a result of her pregnancies she has significant diastasis of the rectus muscle, particularly in the periumbilical area and significant stretch marks above and below the umbilicus. In order to correct her laxity she would require a full abdominoplasty, small amount of liposuction of the hips and a significant rectus plication. She decided to proceed and underwent an uncomplicated surgical procedure and postoperative course. Photos obtained at two months show a well healed abdomen. The laxity of the abdominal musculature has been corrected and the stretch marks are significantly less prominent. Her abdomen is flat and she is back to all normal activities. The results of the three c-sections have been nicely improved and she is quite pleased.