Dr. DeLuca Breast Lift & Augment Before and After > Vertical augmentation mastopexy with 550cc moderate plus smooth silicone implant

This is a 33 year old healthy white female. She is 5’6” and 130lbs. She has had no previous surgery. She did have one child whom she breast fed and she is a non-smoker. Her bra size was a 36 small B and she desired to be in that full C-D range. Examination showed first to second degree ptosis with her breasts sitting on her chest. Her base width was 14.5cm and we did external sizing to the 500-550cc range which would bring her to her desired D bra range. Having discussed the procedure at great length she decided to proceed. She underwent an unremarkable vertical (lollipop) mastopexy with subpectoral augmentation utilizing a 550cc moderate plus smooth silicone implant. Photos obtained at three months show that she is healing beautifully, the scars are beginning to fade, the breasts are full, sitting nicely on her chest and no longer appear droopy and deflated. She is back to all normal activity and is quite pleased.