Dr. DeLuca Breast Lift & Augment Before and After > Augment mastopexy in a significant weight loss patient

This is a healthy 36 year old white female. She is 5’1” and 128lbs. She lost 100lbs on her own. Her only previous surgery was a laparoscopic cholecystectomy. She does not have any children and she does not smoke. Her bra size is a 34B with some glandular ptosis and the breasts are sitting lower on her chest. Her desire was to be rather full and have the breasts significantly elevated. Having discussed an augmentation mastopexy and after external sizing, she chose 550cc Mentor moderate plus smooth silicone implants. She underwent subpectoral augmentation, a vertical mastopexy and her postoperative course was completely unremarkable. Photos obtained at three months show that the breasts have healed nicely; they are quite full and properly elevated. She is back to all normal activities including exercise and is quite pleased with her surgical outcome.