Dr. DeLuca Breast Lift & Augment Before and After > Augment mastopexy for severe ptosis utilizing 405cc moderate smooth silicone imp

This is a 30 year old healthy white female who is 5’11” and 175lbs. She had one child and did breast feed for over a year. Her bra size was a 36C, but it was predominantly a skin envelope without much glandular fill. She wished to be fuller in the C-D range and for the breasts to be brought up to a normal position on her chest. Her base width was 16.5cm and we did external sizing to 400cc which she liked. Due to her base width it was necessary to use the wider classic profile implant. After discussing the procedure at great length and the fact that she would need a T component because of the marked redundancy of skin she decided to proceed. She underwent an uncomplicated subpectoral augmentation with 405cc classic smooth silicone implants with an inverted T mastopexy. Her postoperative course was unremarkable. Initial photos taken at two months show that the breasts are healing nicely and in good position and no longer ptotic. Further photos obtained six months later show that the scars have settled in nicely, the breast have maintained their shape and have a marked improvement in their position and size. She is quite pleased and is able to wear whatever clothing she desires.