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This set of breast augmentation before and after photos features a 24 year old white female from out of the region who presents with significant asymmetry to her breast. Probably somewhere in the 200 cc range. She is 5' 4" tall 145 lbs. The right breast was in the B cup range with minimal ptosis while the left breast is larger, ptotic, and her nipple areola complex is much lower. After much discussion with both she and her mother it was determined to augment the right side to a small mid C range while balancing it with a very small augmentation on the left, vertical mastopexy and a small excision of redundant inferior breast tissue. This was carried out with a left augmentation mammaplasty utalizing 125 cc moderate round smooth saline prosthesis filled to 130 cc with a vertical mastopexy removing 60 grams of tissue. On the right side she underwent a sub pectoral augmentation with a 275 cc moderate plus smooth saline prothesis filled to 300 cc. She has done very well postoperatively. Photos were obtained 10 days prior to her departure show symmetric well balanced breast with comperable fill both in the superior and inferior pole areas of her breast. She and her mom are quite pleased with the results which will continue to improve over the coming months.