Dr. DeLuca Weight Loss Contouring Before and After > Tummy tuck in a 47 year old woman following significant weight loss

This is a 47 year old healthy white female. She is 5’4” and 135lbs. She lost 65lbs over the last few years. Examination showed laxity both above and below the umbilicus. The abdominal muscle tone was reasonable. After having a very successful augmentation mastopexy she decided to proceed with her abdominoplasty. Examination confirmed significantly laxity both above and below the umbilicus and for this reason she underwent a full abdominoplasty with plication. Her postoperative course was completely unremarkable and at 2 months she is back to all normal activity. Photos show that she has achieved an excellent aesthetic result. The abdomen is flat; there is no further redundancy of the skin, particularly in the upper abdomen. She now has a very attractive waist line. She can now wear more form fitting clothes and is quite pleased with her surgical results.