Dr. DeLuca Weight Loss Contouring Before and After > Mommy makeover in a young woman after pregnancy and 100lb weight loss

This is a healthy young women who is 5’9” and 148lbs. She has a 5 year old child, whom she breast fed. Her bra size is a 34B and she wanted to be in that nice C range. Examination showed second degree ptosis with complete loss of volume. Her base width was 14cm. As far as her abdomen was concerned she had significant laxity particularly below the umbilicus which made her a better candidate for a modified abdominoplasty to keep the incision very low. After discussing the risks and benefits of the augmentation mastopexy and modified abdominoplasty she decided to proceed. After external sizing she chose 375cc moderate plus smooth silicone implants. Her surgery was completely unremarkable. Photos obtained at 2 months show that the breasts now have nice fill and with the vertical lift they sit properly on the chest. The modified abdominoplasty has removed almost all of her skin laxity, even in the periumbilical area. She is back to all activities including vigorous workouts and is quite pleased with her surgical outcome.