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This set of before and after photos features "tuberous breast deformity" correction of a 28 year old female (height: 5'3"; weight: 123lbs) from Sydney, Australia who contacted me via email after I answered question she asked about her tuberous breasts on RealSelf.com. After several discussions through email, she decided that I was the plastic surgeon she was looking for and made plans to fly to Albany and have her surgery. Her bra size was a 34A/B with asymmetry. On the right side she had a classic tuberous breast with a large and herniated nipple-areola-complex (NAC). Her right breast also had a narrow base width with a short nipple to infra-mammary fold distance. The left breast was less so with just a tight, constricted base. The left breast was slightly smaller than the right. She had consulted with numerous plastic surgeons throughout the world and ultimately contacted me through the Real Self website, where I was able to answer her questions about tuberous breasts deformities. To correct the issues detailed above, I performed a differential augmentation, utilizing a 375cc moderate plus, smooth silicone implant on the left and a 350cc implant on the right. The inferior pole was released through a dual plane augmentation. I also debulked the right nipple/areola and performed a bilateral, peri-areola mastopexy. Photos taken during her initial post operative photos show symmetric, excellently positioned breasts that are no longer tuberous. The peri-areola mastopexy succeeded in minimizing all puffiness in the nipple areolas (by flattening them out) while the dual plane augmentation enabled generous release of the constricted inferior pole. After 2 weeks of rest, relaxation, a visit to NYC patient flew home to Australia. We kept in close contact throughout the recovery period via email and were able to track her progress using the photos she included with her updates. Her latest email - which included photos taken 11 months after surgery - showed well healing and beautiful looking breasts that fit her frame perfectly. Her happiness with the result and new found confidence it has provided her is the greatest gift a patient can give their their surgeon.

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