Dr. DeLuca Tuberous Breast Before and After > Tuberous Breast Correction - Biplanar Augmentation

This set of breast augmentation before and after photos features a 30 year old woman (5'7", 122lbs) who displayed the characteristics of tubular breasts. Her breast had a very narrow base width, a short nipple to IMF (inframammary-fold) distance and large nipple-areolar complexes. This was corrected by releasing the lower breast tissue through an inframammary incision with a biplanar augmentation utilizing 325cc moderate profile saline prosthesis. She also had a periareolar mastopexy to diminish the size of her areola and raise their position. Three month later, the patient is well healed and her breasts have a very natural, normal and pleasing appearance. Of particular import, the skin below the lower border of her areola is finally visible and of ideal proportion.