Dr. DeLuca Rhinoplasty Before and After > Teen Rhinoplasty (Tip Refinement)

This set of rhinoplasty before and after photos features a 19 year old young woman in good health who had been bothered for many years by her nose. An examination revealed that she had a dorsal deformity, a wide proximal and mid third and a poorly defined tip. The tip itself was bulbous and showed some bifidity (which you can see in the oblique before photo - it's that split in the middle of the tip). These features combined to create a nose whose masculine nature drew considerable attention away from the more delicate and aesthetically attractive features of her face. Because of the need for proper visualization of the tip, an open rhinoplasty with tip refinement was performed. During surgery, the dorsum was gently lowered and a tip-plasty was carried out with stabilization sutures. The nose was shortened (causing the tip to turn ever-so-slightly upward to create a more delicate/graceful profile) and an infracture was carried out to reduce the width of the bridge. Her post-operative course was uneventful and photos taken 6 months post-op show a naturally beautiful result. Her previously masculine nose is now feminine, delicate and sized/shaped in a way that refocuses attention onto her lovely facial features (which is the goal of most every cosmetic rhinoplasty). The patient loves her 'new' nose and the added confidence it has provided.