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This set of rhinoplasty before and after photos features a 20 year old young women who since childhood has been plagued with breathing difficulties related to allergies. She had been evaluated by ENT on many occasions and had been treated conservatively with nasal sprays and allergy medication. She did undergo an adenoidectomy as a child. Examination confirmed a deviated nose with a dorsal deformity, poorly defined tip with overhang, and a deviated septum with near complete airway obstruction. In order to correct both her cosmetic as well as functional problems she underwent an open rhinoplasty with a slight takedown of the dorsum, a radical sub mucus resection, septoplasty to straighten the septum, tip plasty with suture stabilization to give better definition to the tip, both in and out fracturing of the nasal bones, and caurterization of the turbinates. The septum was stabilized with internal splinting for three days. Her postop course was completely unremarkable. Two months later she is breathing better than she has had her entire life. The nose itself has been improved cosmetically. It is straight, more feminine, with better tip definition. Both she and her mother are ecstatic with the results.