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This is a 25 year old white male whose only previous surgery was for scoliosis as a child. What was of concern for him at this time was his nose. He had previous trauma which resulted in a dorsal bump and deviation of the septum. This significantly diminished his capacity to breathe through his nose. He also had an enlarged turbenance particularily on the left side. Examination confirmed the dorsal bump and slight deviation of the nasal bone as well as deviation of the septum. The tip itself was actually well formed. In order to correct his breathing difficulty as well as make fine adjustments to the nose he underwent a radical submucous resection with a closed septorhinoplasty. The nose was packed postoperatively for two days and the splint remained for a week. As soon as the packing was removed he noted significant improvement in airflow. Two months postoperatively the nose is well healed. It is straight without a dorsal bump and more refined with only subtle changes for an overall improvement. This is a classic example of less can be more.