Dr. DeLuca Rhinoplasty Before and After > Rhinoplasty for convex dorsum and overhanging tip

This is a 22 year old healthy white female. She is 5’8” and 155lbs. She has had no previous surgeries. She is a non-smoker. For many years she has been concerned about her nose which she feels is more like her fathers. The nose has a convex dorsum, a little widening of the proximal third, a bulbous tip with bifidity of the lower lateral cartilage. In order to correct this we discussed an open rhinoplasty with a takedown of the dorsum, slight shorting and angulation of the caudal septum and a tip plasty. She chose to proceed and underwent an uncomplicated open rhinoplasty. Early photos taken at six weeks demonstrate that she is healing nicely and has achieved her desired result. The dorsum now has a slight angulation which is more feminine in appearance with a nice transition to the tip. She no longer has an overhang and the tip itself is less bulbous without the noticeable bifidity of the cartilages. She is quite pleased and the nose itself will continue to soften and improve over the coming months.