Dr. DeLuca Rhinoplasty Before and After > Open rhinoplasty in a young woman

This is a healthy 21 year old young woman who for several years has been bothered by the appearance of her nose. The nose itself is slightly large; it has a convex dorsum with an overhang and a bulbous tip. In order to correct this she would require an open rhinoplasty with a takedown of the dorsum, infracturing, a tipplasty with suture stabilization and slight shortening and angulation of the caudal septum. Having discussed all of the risks and benefits with her and her mom she decided to proceed. Her surgery was unremarkable as was her postoperative course. Early photos at four months show that she has achieved her desired result. The nose is smaller with a gentle angulation to the dorsum with removal of the convexity. The tip is more triangular and she has a more feminine lip columallar angle. She is quite pleased with her result and knows that this will continue to improve over the ensuing months.