Dr. DeLuca Rhinoplasty Before and After > Male Rhinoplasty

This set of rhinoplasty before and after photos features a 27 year old white male who has had no previous surgery. He has been concerned about his nose for quite some time. The nose itself was somewhat prominent and he felt elevated from his face more than he desired. There was also a slight bump and a bifidity to the tip. He wished refinement rather than traumatic alteration and of course to maintain masculine charastics to the nose itself. In order to achieve this result he underwent an open rhinoplasty during which there was a slight take down of the dorsum, a tip plasty with excision of the upper portion of the lower lateral cartliges and suture stabilization. An infracturing was likewise and carried out ever so slightly to the proximal and mid third of the nose. Finally an alar wedge excision to balance the nostrils with the remainder of the nose itself. His postoperative course was unremarkable with immediate improvement demonstrated once the splint was removed. Three months later the majority of the healing has occured and he has achieved his desired goal. The nose is slightly small and set back closer to the face with nicer definition to the tip. Above all he has maintained his masculine qualities and only improved.