Dr. DeLuca Rhinoplasty Before and After > Functional septorhinoplasty for nasal obstruction

This is a 16 year old young girl. She is 5’8”, 125lbs and her only pervious surgery was for her wisdom teeth. Since she was a child she has had problems breathing through her nose. She also had a significant dorsal deformity with a bit of overhang. She has been followed by ENT over the years and has been treated with sprays, antihistamines and the like without any significant improvement. Examination confirmed the dorsal deformity with slight deviation of the septum to the left and an overhanging tip. Internal exam did show the deviated septum as well as enlarged turbinates. She underwent an uncomplicated septorhinoplasty, submucus resection and cauterization of the turbinates. Her postoperative course was without incident and almost immediately she had improvement in her breathing. Photos obtained at two and a half months demonstrate that the nose is healing nicely from a cosmetic standpoint. She no longer has the dorsal deformity; the nose is smaller and more delicate. She has achieved both of her goals with significant improvement in her breathing and a more feminine appearance to the nose itself. This will continue to improve over the ensuing months and she is quite pleased with her surgical result.