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This set of rhinoplasty before and after photos features a 23 year old white female who over the years due to sports has had several fractures to her nose. The last fracture resulted in deviation of her septum and a collapse of the nasal valve on the right side. This has worsened over the years and makes breathing difficult. Particularily when she is running. The appearance of her nose also was of some concern with a small dorsal deformity and mild asymmetry to the tip which would pull down when she smiled. In order to correct both her functional and cosmetic issues she underwent an open septorhinoplasty and submucus recection. We did a mild take down of the dorsum with infracturing, stabilization of the lower lateral cartilage and a spreader graft to support the right internal valve. She also had the upper lip released in order to not affect smiling. Her postoperative course was uneventful and at 2 months the majority of the healing has occured. The nose is more delicate and straight without a dramatic change in the overall appearance which was her desire. Her breathing has improved significantly and there is no further collapse of the internal valve. She is no longer self concious when she smiles broadly.