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This set of rhinoplasty before and after photos features a 25 year old woman from Albany, NY who has long been bothered by the appearance of her nose - specifically, that it was distracting from the overall delicate features of her face. She presented with a a long nose with prominent dorsal bump and a bulbous, overhanging tip. This was corrected with an open rhinoplasty with take down of the dorsum, shortening of the caudal septum and slight elevation of the tip. A tip-plasty was also performed to give the nose a finer, more triangular appearance. Lastly, an in-fracture was carried out to reposition the nasal bones and close the open roof created by the removal of the bump. Photo taken just 6 weeks later show the nose to be healing wonderfully. By addressing the irregularities and asymmetries of her pre-surgery nose, we were able to achieve a much more harmonious shape and size. Her nose now has a refined, elegant and natural appearance that enhances the rest of her face (especially the eyes).