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This is a 46 year old healthy female. She is 5’7” and 145lbs. She has had a c-section in the past. She did breast feed and she is a non-smoker. She had two areas of concern. First were her breasts. She had mild glandular ptosis; a bit more on the left than the right. Her bra size was a 34B and she wished to be in the full C to small D range. As far as her abdomen was concerned she had fullness and some laxity, but not a great amount above the umbilicus. She had some laxity to the lower abdominal wall and was not a good candidate for a full tummy tuck, as the scar would sit very high. In order to address her concerns a dual plan augmentation was appropriate for the breast augmentation and following external sizing she chose a 450cc moderate plus smooth silicone implant. As far as her abdomen was concerned liposuction of the abdomen with a modified tummy tuck and lower plication would address her concerns without an obvious scar. She underwent an uncomplicated surgery and an unremarkable postoperative course. Photos obtained at two months show that she is healing nicely. She has achieved her desired breast size. They are soft, symmetric and the glandular ptosis has been address. Her abdomen is flat; she has no further bulging and much approved contour while keeping the scar very low. She is back to all activity and is quite pleased with her surgical decision.