Dr. DeLuca Mommy Makeover Before and After > Mommy makeover with an augmentation mastopexy, tummy tuck and liposuction

This is a 42 year old healthy white female who is a nurse and had no previous surgery. She had two children via natural birth and is a non-smoker. She is 5’7” and 145lbs. She was from out of town and after much research decided to consult on a mommy makeover. Her areas of concern included her abdomen, where she had laxity both above and below the umbilicus, as well as fullness in the lower back area and posterolateral thigh. She also had second degree ptosis of the breasts with loss of superior volume. Her bra size was a 36C and she only wished to be slightly larger, but lifted to the appropriate pre pregnancy height. She decided to proceed knowing that she would need to stay in the area the day after surgery. She underwent a mommy makeover which included an augmentation mastopexy with subpectoral placement of a 200cc moderate smooth saline implant and a vertical mastopexy. She also underwent a full abdominoplasty with plication and liposuction of the hips, lower back, posterolateral and medial thigh. Her postoperative course was uneventful and she returned at tendays for removal of drains and sutures. She returned again one month postoperatively, and photos obtained at that time demonstrate that she is healing nicely. The breasts are elevated, settling into a good position and are developing a very nice natural appearance. Her abdomen is flat, there is no lower abdominal laxity and her waist line is markedly improved as is the thigh area. She is back at work, beginning light exercise knowing that she needs to wait a few more weeks before anything overly aggressive. She is very pleased with her surgical results knowing that they will continue to improve over the next few months.