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This set of mommy makeover before and after photos features a 38 year old mother of two (5ft 2in and presently 118 lbs) who had undergone endoscopic gastric bypass surgery 2 years prior to scheduling a consultation at DeLuca Plastic Surgery to discuss her post weight loss surgery options. 24 months of diet and exercise had not only resulted in 102 lbs of weight loss (a remarkable feat) but also significant loss of breast volume (breast deflation) and second degree ptosis (droop). She also presented with laxity in the mid-section/abdomen, both above and below the umbilicus, and ptosis in the pubic area. Thanks to her regular work outs however, she possessed a terrific form beneath all of that sShe works out regularly and having obtained an ideal weight she wishes to deal with the problems related to the loss of volume. This was corrected with an augmentation mastopexy utilizing a 375cc breast implant (moderate plus, smooth silicone) placed in a sub pectoral position. She also underwent a full tummy tuck (abdominoplasty). Her post operative course was unremarkable (complication free) and photos taken 6 months later shown her to be completely healed and noticeably radiant on account of her excellent result. Her breasts are now properly positioned, proportionally pleasing and youthfully shaped. And instead of lax and redundant abdominal tissue, she now possesses a tight and elegantly curved mid-section.