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This is a 53 year old white female who is in good health. She has had four children, but she does have type II diabetes which is well controlled. Her previous surgeries include a c-section, hysterectomy and appendectomy. Examination of her breasts showed first to second degree ptosis, loss of fill and she wished to be in that full C-D range. As far as her abdomen was concerned; she had laxity both above and below the umbilicus with mild rectus diastasis. In order to achieve her desired result she underwent a subpectoral augmentation with 500cc moderate plus smooth silicone implant, a vertical mastopexy and a full abdominoplasty with liposuction of the hips and rectus plication. Her postoperative course was without incident. At two months she is healing nicely. The breasts are elevated, firm and have achieved her desired volume. The abdomen is flat, with a better sculpture to the waist line. She has begun to resume workouts and is back to almost all normal activity. She is quite pleased with her outcome.