Dr. DeLuca Mommy Makeover Before and After > Mommy Makeover (600cc Breast Implants + Tummy Tuck) 

This set of mommy makeover before and after photos features a 48 year old white female (5’7” 190lbs) who naturally had lost 55lbs. She had a c-section 27 years ago. Her bra size at time of consultation was a 38B/C. She wished to be significantly fuller but did not want a lift. Her nipple-areola was in a reasonable position (at the level of the inframammory fold), but she had borderline grade 1 ptosis. She also presented with laxity in her abdomen, both above and below the umbilicus (belly button). In order to achieve her goals, I performed a biplanar (dual plane) breast augmentation with silicone prosthesis and a full abdominoplasty. Because of her wide base width, a moderate profile implant of 640cc was utilized for the augmentation. Her post-operative course was uneventful and photos taken 3 after surgery show what in my view is an ideal result. The breasts are fuller with a natural shape for her age. Her abdomen is flat, attractively sculpted and no longer creates a bulge above her waist line. The scars are well hid and are healing nicely.