Dr. DeLuca Mommy Makeover Before and After > Breast Lift + Augmentation + Tummy Tuck (Mommy Makeover Before & After)

This set of mommy makeover before and after photos features a 45 year old mother of two (5'4", 122 lbs) from Massachusetts who had developed post-partum loss of breast volume/fullness, mild breast ptosis (droop) and laxity of the abdominal skin. She also presented with mild diastasis of the rectus muscle which caused her stomach to bulge. Her goal for surgery was to enhance her 34B/C bust and return to her pre-pregnancy shape and silhouette in the midsection. In order to achieve the desired outcome, I performed a combined "mommy makeover" surgery that included a breast augmentation with a periareolar mastopexy plus a full abdominoplasty with some liposuction of the hips and love handles. Photos taken 3 months later show a remarkable transformation. Her previously lax and flabby stomach is now sleek, svelte and youthfully supple. Transitions between her flanks, hips, belly and lower abdomen are seamless and smooth. The incision-scar along her lower abdomen is ideally located and easily concealed. Her formally deflated breasts now posses a full and elegant shape that compliments the youthful mid-section below. Her post-op cup size is a 34C/D and just as with her tummy tuck scar, the incision surrounding each areola will continue to fade and should blend in completely over the next 3-6 months.