Dr. DeLuca Mommy Makeover Before and After > Breast Augmentation and Mini Tummy Tuck in a 50 Year old woman

This is a 50 year old healthy white female. She’s had two c-sections. She is 5’5” and 125lbs. Her bra size is a 34A. Her desire was to be fuller in that large B/ Small C range. She also had a little bit of lower abdominal laxity above her c-section incision, which she wished to improve. We preformed external sizing as well as 3D and she wished to stay in the 250cc range. Due to her base width dimensions a classic style implant was chosen. She underwent an unremarkable subpectoral augmentation as well as a mini modified abdominoplasty with lower abdominal plication. Her postoperative course was unremarkable and she was back to most activities within several weeks. Photos obtained at four months show that the breasts and abdomen have healed nicely. She has a better transition between her chest and abdomen without looking unnatural. She no longer has the lower abdominal laxity and is quite pleased with her surgical outcome.