Dr. DeLuca Mommy Makeover Before and After > Albany Mommy Makeover (Breast Augmentation + Tummy Tuck)

This set of mommy makeover before and after photos features a 29 year old mother of 3 (5' 5", 155 lbs) from Albany NY who had breast fed all 3 children. As with many other women, the breast feeding, combined with the multiple pregnancies changed the look and feel of her breasts and abdomen rather dramatically. She was frustrated by these changes to her body and hoped that a "mommy makeover" could help her regain her pre-pregnancy figure. She wished for not only her breasts to be fuller (specifically, like they were while breast feeding), but for her abdomen to be tight and nicely sculpted as well (rather than lax and flabby). During her consultation, she presented with mild breast asymmetry and droop (ptosis). This was corrected with a full mommy makeover which combined a differential breast augmentation plus a periareolar mastopexy together with a full abdominoplasty plus liposuctioning of the hips. Photos taken only 8 weeks post-surgery show dramatic improvement to both her breasts and stomach areas. She is well healed and back to doing all normal activities. And most importantly to me, she is ecstatic about the results and loves her 'new' body.