Dr. DeLuca Liposuction Before and After > Male Stomach + Love Handles Liposuction 

This set of liposuction before and after photos features a 38 year old male (5'10, 205 lbs) from Albany, NY who for years has been fighting fullness in his abdomen and flanks (love handles). Despite losing weight, the excess fat remained it both of these areas. We corrected this with tumescent power assisted liposuction of the abdomen and flanks. 2,000cc's were utilized in the central abdomen and 750cc per side (flank). An equal amount of aspirate was removed. Photos taken four months later show that his abdomen and love handles are far less full and markedly more svelte. Clothing and suites fit his frame much better and his silhouette appears far less heavy or bulgy. Liposuction in his case achieved what diet and exercise alone would've made far more difficult to accomplish.