Dr. DeLuca Liposuction Before and After > Liposuction (Thighs, Knees & Buttocks)

This set of liposuction before and after photos features a 29 year old woman (5'6", 125lbs) with a very small upper body but fullness in the posterior-lateral thigh (saddle bags), medial and lower thigh knee regions. There is poor transition from the lower buttocks to the posterior upper thigh and an ill defined gluteal crease. And lastly, her medial thighs touch. This was corrected with Tumescent power assisted liposuction of thighs, hip, lower buttock and knees (3500cc infused, 3600cc removed). Four months later there is a dramatic imporvement in the saddle bags and thighs. She has a pleasing buttock thigh transition, her medial thighs no longer touch and her knees are straight. Together, these corrections resulted in her lower body being nicely in balance with her upper.