Dr. DeLuca Face Lift & Neck Lift Before and After > Facelift + Neck Liposuction

This set of before and after photos features a 54 year old white female in good health who has had previous plastic surgical procedures including a brow lift and upper blepharoplasty. She was a nonsmoker. Her present concern was the appearance of her lower face. She had gradually developed crepiness, laxity in the neck area, and some jowl formation. In order to achieve her desired goal she underwent a lower face and neck lift with mild liposuction of the sub mental and neck area. She had a completely unremarkable course. Two months postoperatively she is completely healed. There is better balanced between the previously operated upper face and lower portion. The skin is smooth and tight without appearing overdrawn. She has a nice natural neck line and her jowl has been eliminated. She appears refreshed but not over operated.