Dr. DeLuca Chin Implant Before and After > Chin Augmentation

This set of chin augmentation before and after photos features a 23 year old young women who for many years had been bothered by the appearance of her chin. It was slightly retrusive and she had a small prejowl sulcus which also bothered her. The dimension of the area to be corrected was 6 cm in length by 2 cm in height. In order to achieve her goals she underwent chin augmentation with a small anatomic silicone prothesis to enhance the chin as well as elevate the pre jowl area. She also underwent a small amount of liposuction on the submental area. Her postoperative course was uneventful and four months later she has has subtle but noticable improvement in her lower facial appearance. The chin is more inalignment with the upper and lower lip and there is more definition to the submental area and jaw line. She has achieved a nice improvement in her facial asthetics through a minimally invasive procedure.