Dr. DeLuca Breast Revision Before and After > Tuberous Breast Revision (Double Bubble)

This set of before and after photos features a 30 year old white female (5’ 4” ; 135 lbs) who 7 years ago underwent subpectoral breast augmentation utilizing 275cc saline implants. Unfortunately, both breasts developed "double bubble deformity" shortly after surgery (with the left breast being worse off than the right) as a result of her surgeon using a standard submuscular approach despite the fact that her breasts were slightly tuberous in nature and thus required 1.) release of the lower pole and 2.) a dual-plane augmentation. She also wished to correct the difference in size that was present between the 2 breasts. In summation, her goals for surgery were to increase the size and symmetry of both breasts, remove/correct the double bubble and reposition the implants to their proper position (in order to achieve a more naturally shaped, tear-drop appearance). To achieve these ends, she underwent bilateral inferior capsulorrhaphies (aka "internal bra") to remove the double bubble in both breasts, release of the superior pocket through a superior capsulotomy and replacement of original implants with 425cc Moderate Plus Smooth Saline implants that were filled to 450cc on the right and 490cc on the left. Her postoperative course was unremarkable (re: complication free) and photos taken 3 months after surgery show beautiful, naturally shaped breasts with properly positioned implants. She no longer has to rely on her bra to create cleavage and the implants no longer slip from under her bra or bathing suit top. She is very pleased with her result and so am I.