Dr. DeLuca Breast Revision Before and After > Large Breast Implant Revision/Replacement

This set of breast augmentation before and after photos features a 36 year old woman (5'8", 140 lbs) from Albany NY who had undergone breast augmentation by another plastic surgeon in a neighboring state utilizing a trans-umbilical approach ("tuba" or 'through the belly button'). Unfortunately, the right implant was placed too high which produced an unsatisfactory look. She also presented with a moderate capsule contractor which required correcting as well. To add a bit more complexity to the case, the patient also requested to be significantly larger - a full D cup bra size. I addressed all of these issues by performing a bilateral capsule release - more so on the right than left - and replaced her prothesis with 600cc moderate profile smooth silicone implants. Photos taken 3 months later show that her breasts have revised to a much more appealing symmetry and enlarged to her desired 38 D bra size. They are soft, perky and provide plenty of upper pole fullness. Most importantly, the patient is much much happier and confident as a result of her breast revision surgery.