Dr. DeLuca Breast Revision Before and After > Breast Revision/Correction - Double Bubble Deformity

This set of breast augmentation revision before and after photos features a 21 year old young woman (5'3", 122 lbs) from Massachusetts who 3 years ago underwent bilateral subpectoral augmentation with 350cc tear drop (anatomic) saline implants. This unfortunately left her with a severe double bubble deformity and loss of her inframammary fold position. The majority of each implant became situated below the nipple areolar complex - with the right breast implant being slightly lower than the left. This occurred because the inframammary fold was improperly disrupted during her original augmentation. This very difficult problem was corrected with bilateral internal capsulorrhaphy, which recreated the inframammary fold and closed the lower pole of the previously created breast pocket. Her saline breast implants were replaced with 500cc Moderate Plus Smooth Silicone Gel breast implants since she wished to be a full C Cup bra size post surgery. Photos taken 6 weeks after surgery show that the breasts are looking and healing wonderfully. They appear and feel as breast should. The prosthesis are ideally positioned and the nipple to inframammary fold distance has been reconstructed to an appropriate length (namely, 6-7cm). Suffice to say, the patient no longer feels self conscious about her breasts. Instead, she feels ecstatic about finally having the breasts she always wanted.