Dr. DeLuca Breast Revision Before and After > Breast revision with 500 cc moderate plus smooth silicone implants

This is a 26 year old white female who 7 years ago underwent bilateral sub pectoral augmentation with saline implants. Approximately 4 years later she started developing bottoming out on the right side and a mild capsule on the left. She is 5 feet, 6 inches tall, 125 pounds and her bra sized is a 32C. Her desire was to correct the asymmetry with the bottoming out and increase her bra size. In order to achieve these results, she would require a right internal capsulorrhaphy and on the left side a capsulotomy with change of her implants. She underwent revision with the right internal capsulorrhaphy and bilateral, superior capsulotomies. Her 370 cc saline implant was replaced with 500 cc moderate plus smooth silicone. Her post-operative course was unremarkable and because of her previous surgery, she only had a mild degree of pain. Photos obtained at 2 months which show that she has achieved her desired results. Both breasts are full and symmetric. There is no further separation between the two and the internal capsulorrhaphy or internal bra has been completely successful. There is further bottoming out and the nipple/areolas are now at the same height. She is back to normal activities and is pleased with her results.