Dr. DeLuca Breast Revision Before and After > Breast Revision (Capsular Contracture)

This set of breast augmentation before and after photos features a 41 year old white female in good health (5'1", 110 lbs) whose bra size was a 32 C at time of consult. Ten years ago she had subglandular breast augmentation done in Orlando Florida (275cc saline implant overfilled to 300cc). She had one child after the subglandular augmentation and did try to breastfeed. Unfortunately she developed a painful firm capsule on the right side resulting in an abnormal appearance. She also had that melon like appearance that can develop overtime with a subglandular augmentation. An attempted secondary procedure failed to correct the Baker Xlass 3 capsule. In order to correct this, I performed a complete capsulectomy on the right breast (since the capsule itself was quite calsific) and a partial capsulectomy on the left. I then placed 300cc Moderate Plus smooth silicone implants in a sub pectoral position through periareolar approach. She had a uneventful postoperative course with normal healing and photos taken 3 months later she show no evidence of capsule re-formation. The breast are soft, natural in appearance, not distorted, and no longer painful. The patient is pleased with her result and so am I.