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This set of breast augmentation before and after photos features a 53 year old white female who underwent sub-glandular breast augmentation approximately 30 years ago in Massachusetts. She did reasonably well for many years but gradually developed a firm Baker Class 3 capsule on the right side and slightly less capsule on the left. This resulted in distortion and pain in both breasts. Mammography confirmed bilateral rupture of the implants. In order to correct this significant problem I performed a bilateral complete capsulectomy, removed the ruptured material from the subglandular position and inserted new, 375cc implants into the subpectoral plane. Postoperately, the patient has recovered beautifully. She was back doing most activities within two weeks. Photos taken 3 months after surgery show breast that are soft with no distortion. She is pain free and both breasts have a well proportioned, perfectly shaped and completely natural appearance.