Dr. DeLuca Breast Augmentation Before and After > Large Breast Augmentation - 750cc Saline Implants (B-Cup to DD-Cup)

This set of breast augmentation before and after photos features a 34 year old woman (5'4", 145 lbs) who wished to have a large breast augmentation. She presented during her consultation with a 34B cup, slight asymmetry and mild ptosis (droop) in the right breast. During our discussion, she explained that she had done her 'due diligence' on large breast augmentation, fully understood the potential complications associated with very large implants, and after looking through the before and after photos of every plastic surgeon she could find who performed large breast augmentations, she liked my results and reviews best. To achieve her desired size, I opted for 750cc Smooth Round ModeratePlus Profile Saline Implants (Mentor) with differential overfill. To achieve her desired shape, I performed a dual plane augmentation on the right breast and a traditional subpectoral/submuscular augmentation on the left breast. Photos taken 2 months later show a well healed and very happy patient. The breasts are very large and full but the implants are so well positioned that they still maintain the shape and slope of a natural looking breast. Her breasts are now symmetric and the mild ptosis in the right breast is no longer present, having been corrected with the inferior release of the dual plane approach.