Dr. DeLuca Breast Augmentation Before and After > High Profile Breast Augmentation (A Cup to C Cup)

This set of breast augmentation before and after photos features a young, 22 year old woman (5'5", 125 lbs) from New York who had been considering breast augmentation since she was a teenager. She wished to go from a 34A to a nice and full 34 C cup. She also wished to use saline implants. Her base width at time of consultation was 13.5cm - which is the average for a woman of her height and weight - but her nipple-to-inframammary-fold distance was quite a bit shorter than 'normal'. To achieve her desired size and shape, she underwent submuscular augmentation using 350cc moderate plus (Mod+) saline implants overfilled to 365cc bilaterally. Her post-operative recovery was without issue and photos taken 3 months after surgery show a very pleasing result. The breasts are full yet soft and beautifully shaped thanks to a.) proper implant selection and positioning and b.) extending the nipple-to-inframammary-fold distance (which, if left uncorrected, would have resulted in excessive superior fill given the size of the implants used).