Dr. DeLuca Breast Augmentation Before and After > Dual plane augmentation 350cc moderate plus implant

This is a healthy 23 year old white female who had long been concerned about her breasts. She is 5’6” and 135lbs, in very good health; her only pervious surgery being a knee arthroscopy. She is very active, works out daily and runs. She has not had any children and her bra size was a 36A without ptosis and a relatively short nipple to inframammory fold distance. Her desire was to be in the mid C bra range. External sizing as well as 3D imaging was preformed and she decided on a 350cc moderate plus silicone implant. She underwent an unremarkable dual plane augmentation to release the lower pole, utilizing the 350cc moderate plus smooth silicone implant. Her postoperative course was unremarkable. Photos obtained at 2 months show that she is healing nicely. The breasts have fullness in all quadrants with a better projecting lower pole and she has achieved her nice C bra size. She is back to her very active lifestyle, including running and working out.