Dr. DeLuca Breast Augmentation Before and After > Differential augmentation for mild asymmetry on a 33 year old woman

This is a healthy 33 year old female. Who is 5’9” and 135lbs. She has had no previous surgeries. She has had two children, but did not breast feed. Her bra size was a 34B and she wished to be in that full C to baby D range. Examination showed a base width of 14cm with an appropriate nipple to inframammary fold distance. The right breast was ever so slightly smaller and after external sizing and 3D evaluation she decided on a 425cc moderate plus smooth silicone implant for the right and 400cc on the left. She underwent an uncomplicated subpectoral augmentation and photos obtained at two months show that her breasts have healed beautifully. The breasts are symmetric, round and she has obtained her desired size while still maintaining a very natural appearance. She is back to all normal activity and quite pleased with her surgical outcome.