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This set of breast augmentation before and after photos features a 31 year old (5'6", 120lbs) mother of two who presented with loss of breast volume, mild asymmetry and a 34B bust following pregnancy. She had a very clear idea of what the "prefect result" looked like and underwent breast augmentation with 425cc implants (smooth saline, overfilled to 495cc on the right & 460cc on the left) placed sub-muscularly through an inframammary incision. The reason for overfilling both implants was not only to correct the mild asymmetry but also to create a more full and rounded upper pole. Photos taken 9 months after surgery reveal what many patients since have described as the "perfect breast augmentation" (re: full, round and large, yet still in proportion with both frame and figure). The desired post-op bra size of a small 34D was achieved (up from a small 34B) and the patient was very pleased with her result.