Dr. DeLuca Breast Augmentation Before and After > Breast Augmentation for Significant Asymmetry

This is a 24 year old white female. She is 5’7” and 135lbs, who has long thought about breast augmentation. She had not had any children and no previous surgery. Her bra size was a 34B with asymmetry. The left breast was approximately 50cc larger, and the right breast inframammory fold was approximately 2.0cm higher. Likewise the nipple areola on that side sat at a slightly higher position. Her desire was to be full. After 3D evaluation she decided on an implant in the 500cc range. To achieve her desired result she underwent bilateral subpectoral augmentation utilizing a 550cc high profile silicone prosthesis on the right and a 500cc prosthesis on the left, while lowering the right crease. Her postoperative course was uneventful. Two months later the breasts have settled in nicely. They are fuller while still appearing quite natural and symmetric in size. The right crease has been lowered to that of the left and the nipple areola heights are more in line. She is back to all normal activity and quite pleased with her outcome.