Dr. DeLuca Breast Augmentation Before and After > Breast Augmentation After Child Birth

This set of breast augmentation before and after photos features a 38 year old (5'6", 120lbs) mother of 3 who breastfed all three children. This resulted in a substantial loss of volume in her breasts, particularly within the upper-pole region, which created the deflated appearance evident in the photos taken before surgery. She wished for her breasts to be fuller - though not overly or overtly so - and maintain a natural teardrop shape. This was accomplished with a sub-pectoral (submuscular) breast augmentation utilizing 275cc smooth silicone implants. Photos taken 1 month after surgery show what the early stages of a fantastic result often look like. They also do a great job illustrating the effects of swelling on implant position (too high, not yet settled) and nipple projection (point downward compared to their final projection, which is ideal). Photos taken 5 month post-operation show the final result, namely fully healed, elegantly formed, natural teardrop breasts. Having successfully regained her pre-pregnancy fullness without appearing augmented or unnatural, the patient is very happy and so am I.